Another picture of "Le Taxi" from Ray Watson, now living in Australia (see Star Story number SS2 in the Articles section for the full story). He adds:

'My "Le Taxi 2" will be a combination of all the good parts of that style of Renault at the time. The chassis and body are very good condition, no major rust at all. Was given to me by a fellow R4 enthusiast from Pretoria in SA. I towed it on an "A" frame the 1100Km back to Port Elizabeth, and stored it in a corner of my workshop for 2 years, till we packed up to move to Australia. It was so good that my son persuaded me to pack it. As it was just a shell we could pack plenty of stuff inside and it took almost no extra space. The motor will be a R5 Mk1 bored to 1475cc and modified to run only on LPG, at performance standard. I will use a 4 speed box as the ratios are best for city driving and competition, I want to convert it to be sequential, with the shift where the R4 normally is in the dash. The front suspension will be R6 with the heavier torsion bars and gas shocks. The rear suspension will also be R6 with hand made gas shocks and extra anti-roll bar. The steering column will be R5, adapted to the R4 fire wall. I was able to get a R5 Alpine front airdam bumper and it will look great on the front of the car, and I will style a new bonnet and front fenders similar to the R5 as I will use R5 head lamps. I have 3 sets of alloy wheels, 1 set of 13x6.5J Momo spokes, will be used for the street with low profile tyres. The interior will be in rally style but comfortable with carpets and padding and a full roll cage, without the door extras. It is a full project and it will be good, very fancy yellow black and white paint, not show but for street and fun, as I would like to drive it in the "Targa Tasmania". "Le Taxi 1" was great fun and "Le Taxi 2" will continue the theme.'

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