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Ten Years in JI
by Fernando Palma, 17 March 2001

The following article was sent in by Fernando Palma in Portugal, who has owned his car, 'JI', for ten years. He writes:

'Last weekend the 4L (JI) has moved to Mértola. I can't have three cars here with paid parking on the door. More, I haven't time for it. After a new battery and a new exhaust, Friday the 9th was the day for the "change". At 7 in the afternoon I went and took the car out the garage and everything was well... First problem, the engine temperature lights. I stop at the service station and I open the bonnet. Everything normal, pressure of the water and on the panel the temperature indicated is 70°. Suddenly the light fades. OK, a bad contact. Everything well up to that point except the water light. I am leaving but then a second problem. I try the lights and I only have "presence lights". I blow the satellite, because my patience was finished, and miracle... the lights work. It knew what was happening. She doesn't want to go away. But she had to go. The trip ran all at 110-120Km/h and with the water light now almost always lit. I arrived at Mértola about midnight... and... from there the light never lit again in the whole weekend. It was obstinacy for not going. Now there she is, given to the caresses of my cousin. She said JI is the best and the most marvellous car she ever drove. She is well given. They were 10 years of excellent service in that she supported my good ones and bad humors (to the last day), good and bad days. Perhaps one day, it wins a deserved one second rested and comfortable life. I hope so.'

'P.S. - There are photos of the "event". By now I send you one I like very much.'

YA5: 'JI' by twilight

See the People's Pics section in the Gallery (number PP29) for more of this car.

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