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102 Dalmatians
#YA1: by Tonia Gumbrell, 21 April 2000, updated 15 October 2009
Can you 'spot' the Renault 4?
Pretty in Pink
#YA2: by Liz Moon, 27 August 2000, updated 15 October 2009
Before you become too indulged in articles about the Renault 4, how about a reminder of the opposition?
The R4 Prototype
#YA3: by Peter Gumbrell, 6 September 2000
It all started here.
R4 Meetings in Portugal
#YA4: by Fernando Palma and João Seabra, 14 December 2000
Pictures of a meeting at Cernache do Bonjardim and Vila de Rei (the geographic center of Portugal).
Ten Years in JI
#YA5: by Fernando Palma, 17 March 2001
The story of an R4 that didn't want to leave home.
R4 Rally Adventure
#YA6: by Alexandra Abreu, Jorge Unha/Aifa, Fernando Palma and Peter Gumbrell, 6 April 2001
The Renault 4L world championship rallying exploits of driver António Pinto dos Santos and co-driver Nuno Rodrigues da Silva.
Birthplace of the Renault 4
#YA7: by John Armstrong, 29 July 2001
Photos forty years on of the factory in Paris where the Renault 4 story began in 1961.
Suicidal R4!
#YA8: by Esteban Bardi, 16 December 2001
Life just went downhill for this car.
50 Years of the Renault Owners Club GB
#YA9: by Phil Walters, 17 August 2002
Pictures and info from the main 50th birthday celebration held at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, England in August 2002.
First Great National Meeting of The Renault 4 in Portugal
#YA10: by Andre Barbosa, 8 January 2003
Photos from a meeting held in Santarém, Portugal, September 2002, plus a short rant from the sender.
Renault 4 Meetings in Italy, 2003 - 2004
#YA11: by Andrea Molinari and Daniele, 9 March 2003 with later updates
Info supplied for attendees of two big gatherings that took place in northern Italy.
Une Charentaise Automobile
#YA12: by Benoît Perrot, 23 March 2003
An article taken from a French newspaper about a rather bizarre car.
24 Heures 4L - Onzain
#YA13: by [anonymous], 19 April 2003
Details supplied concerning a proposed day-long Renault 4 race in France, in spring 2003.
A Crushing Blow
#YA14: by James Lancaster, 10 July 2003
An article from local Brighton newspaper the Evening Argus in June 2003.
Renault 4 Rail Tales
#YA15: by Peter Gumbrell, 6 December 2003
A three-page article based on my Interrail trip around western Europe, covering the meetings with R4 owners Asier, Luis, João and Fernando in San Sebastián and Lisbon.
La Laranja Mecânica 2003
#YA16: by João Seabra, 10 December 2003
A set of 95 photos of a Portuguese enthusiast's 1973 Renault 4LC, pictured out and about before and after its makeover.
R4 Goes Supersonic!
#YA17: by Peter Gumbrell, 4 May 2004
How was the Renault 4 involved with the world's fastest commercial airliner?
Renault 4 Rallies
#YA18: by António Pinto dos Santos, 1 May 2005
Photos from the Acropolis and Catalunya rallies held between 1998 and 2000, sent by one of the famous owner-drivers.
Reflexia Meets Eiffel
#YA19: by Peter Gumbrell, 18 September 2005, updated 19 October 2009 and 9 April 2010
My third R4, Reflexia, was treated to its first major road trip in summer 2005, on a holiday to Vichy and the Auvergne region of France. This article contains an account and many pictures from the adventure, which included visits to several of Eiffel's great viaducts.
The Twingo - A Worthy Successor?
#YA20: by Peter Gumbrell, 10 March 2007, updated 8 April 2009 and 20 October 2009
With Renault set to launch the Twingo in the UK for the first time in 2007, do the comparisons made with the R4 over many years have any foundation?
Still in Fashion in 2007!
#YA21: by Peter Gumbrell, 12 April 2008
An image from a fashion feature in a UK magazine.
Rouen, Reflexia and the Open Road
#YA22: by Peter Gumbrell, 22 December 2008
An unplanned road trip around France and Spain made in my former Renault 4, Reflexia, in December 2008. Includes several photos, taking in a meeting with an old friend of the Four, and one of the man-made wonders of the modern world. This novella is also available in a PDF version, for ease of viewing / printing.
A Future Four in France
#YA23: by Peter Gumbrell, 26 January 2011, updated 12 February 2011
A quick proof of the R4's enduring presence in French life.
Half a Renault 4 in Geneva
#YA24: by Peter Gumbrell, 17 March 2011
A report from the Geneva Motor Show 2011, where Renault chose to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the R4 by displaying half of one.

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