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Foreword: The Antithesis of the Modern Car
#SS1: by Peter Gumbrell, 23 April 2000, updated 6 January 2002
An introductory reflection from the editor on the Four's status and modern day meaning.
The R4L "Le Taxi" Story
#SS2: by Ray Watson, 26 September 2000
Spanning four decades, an epic tale of the exploits of a Rhodesian R4 and its owner, with pictures.
London - Sahara R4 World Cup Rally 2001
#SS3: by James Sims Williams and Tristan Connell, 9 February 2002
The tale of two determined British drivers, who bought an R4GTL from a scrapyard for £75 and raced it from London to Morocco and back.
R4 Meetings in Portugal & Spain 2002, parts 1-3
#SS4: by Fernando Palma, João Seabra, Asier Castellano Azkarate and Luis Martinez Artola, 9 October 2002
First set of instalments from a massive account of several Renault 4 gatherings held during 2002, containing over 150 images from Almeida, Lousal and Donostia.
R4 Meetings in Portugal & Spain 2002, parts 4-5
#SS5: by Fernando Palma, João Seabra, Asier Castellano Azkarate and Luis Martinez Artola, 16 February 2003
Second batch of instalments from the same team as above, covering a trip around the Basque Country in France and Spain, and the very impressive 1st National Portuguese R4 Meeting held at Santarém.
UK 45th Anniversary of the R4 - Kent, May 2006
#SS6: by Peter Gumbrell, 10 June 2006, updated 11 May 2010
More than a dozen Renault 4s take to the British roads for a celebratory run in 2006, recounted in this comprehensive report with photos and a video.
The British Parisienne!
#SS7: by Oliver Webb, 22 June 2008
The story of how a UK enthusiast turned his 1973 model into something with a bit more French chic.
1st 4L International - Thenay, June 2009
#SS8: by Peter Gumbrell, 30 June 2009, updated 12 May 2010
In June 2009, the '4L International' was born; a gathering of owners and enthusiasts showing their support for this forgotten gem and underrated classic. Here you can find a personal review of the first major attempt to bring fans from across Europe together for a specialized Renault 4 event. Includes several photos.

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