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50th Anniversary of the R4 - Dorfprozelten & Miltenberg, 2011
by Volker Schmidt, 2011-07-13

Shortly after the official German 50th anniversary Renault 4 celebration at the Nürburgring in June 2011, the Rappel! Quatrelle event was arranged by one of the newer German R4 clubs, on the weekend of 9-10 July.

Photo of around three dozen Renault 4s gathered in the picturesque town of Miltenberg

Volker Schmidt, who I met previously at the Nürburgring, posted this photo from the press. Those German speakers amongst you may just be able to read the accompanying text. Another Volker, partner of the first, arranged the meeting in Dorfprozelten, with this excursion to the nearby picturesque town of Miltenberg, where the above image was taken. The next gathering in 2012 will mark fifty years since the Renault 4 went on sale in Germany, and the aim is to set a new national record for the number of R4s in attendance.

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