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50th Anniversary of the R4

This special section is devoted to the 50th birthday celebrations of the Renault 4 in 2011.

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Nürburgring Nürburgring
by Peter Gumbrell, 2011-07-04, updated 2012-07-22 ( 38,  1)
A personal recollection of the German national event held for the 50th birthday, in conjunction with the World Series by Renault at the Nürburgring, 18-19 June 2011.
3rd 4L International - Thenay 3rd 4L International - Thenay
by Peter Gumbrell, 2011-07-29 ( 42,  1)
fr A collection of thoughts (in French) and random snaps from probably the biggest Renault 4 gathering of all time, which saw over 1,000 vehicles arrive from all corners of Europe on the weekend of 15-17 July 2011.
Brooklands Brooklands
by Peter Gumbrell, 2011-09-22 ( 17,  1)
Several images and a summary of the UK birthday bash at the legendary Brooklands Motor Museum in Surrey, 10 September 2011, where a record 33 Renaults put in an appearance.
Half a Renault 4 in Geneva Half a Renault 4 in Geneva
link to Your Articles section, by Peter Gumbrell, 2011-03-17 ( 8)
A report from the Geneva Motor Show 2011, where Renault chose to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the R4 by displaying half of one.

additional items

Renault 4 Press Kit

Consult this official document produced by Renault detailing the history of the Renault 4, and containing info on the 50th anniversary and various events planned around Europe.

Monte-Carlo Rally

Renault entered three special R4 models into the 2011 Historic Monte-Carlo Rally, with legendary driver Jean Ragnotti amongst the participants. Watch this official video produced by Renault.

Paris Flash Mob

An impromptu R4 gathering was planned for the actual 50th birthday on the 3rd August in Paris, taking in Billancourt, the Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe. These photos were sent by one of the attendees.

Rappel! Quatrelle, Dorfprozelten & Miltenberg

View an image from the Rappel! Quatrelle meeting in Dorfprozelten & Miltenberg, Germany in July 2011.

4L-R6 Club de France, Portes du Beaujolais

The 50th birthday gathering for the 4L-R6 Club de France took place at the Portes du Beaujolais, from the 11th to 13th June 2011. A news item related to the event, broadcast on the TV station TLM covering the Rhône-Alpes region, can be found here.

R4 Exhibition, Autoworld Brussels

A 50th anniversary R4 exhibition was held at the Parc du Cinquantenaire, Autoworld, Brussels, on the 9th to 24th April 2011. Does anybody have something to share?

R4 Expo, Gorges

An R4 exhibition was planned for the 31st July at Gorges in the northern French département of Manche, with some trophies awarded for participants.

Around the World

Other noteworthy voyages elsewhere in the world were made by different sets of fans. Two families took their R4s from Oslo to New York and then drove to Los Angeles, whilst a father and son attempted an epic journey around Africa in their Not 2 Late Trip. With regards to the 3rd 4L International at Thenay, there's a wonderful blog written by my friends, João and Fernando. It tells the story of the long trip there and back over two weeks including the event itself, and although it's in Portuguese, a translation engine is sufficient to get the gist of it. See the site 50 Anos de Simplicidade on Blogspot.

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