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La Laranja Mecânica 2003
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by João Seabra, 10 December 2003

During my visit to Portugal in June 2003, I met up with two of this site's biggest contributors, João Seabra and Fernando Palma, as detailed in the previous story in this section. I only saw João's white R4 on that occasion, since he was keeping his special project under wraps. He presented me with a CD-ROM containing dozens of early pictures of the overhaul of his other car, a 1973 Renault 4LC. A second disc then arrived in the post some months later, completing the set. All the actual restoration photos can be found in the Technique section (article number TQ7).

The remainder were taken during the car's travels, both before and after its transformation. There's too many - nearly 100 - to put in a Gallery entry, so they get their own corner of the site here instead. See also the Star Car page in the Gallery (number SC18) for more about this tangerine dream.



These two photos show the car in its original state after João bought it.





Pictured here with Lisbon's famous suspension bridge over the River Tagus in the background.




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